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The Camper Hire Sydney Advantage

At Camper Hire Sydney, we are agents of countless hire vehicles from the leading campervan hire companies. With us, you have the guarantee of access to the best daily deals available with the price you end up paying usually being much cheaper than expected.

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With the lowest price guarantee, we guarantee no extra fees. The price you pay will always be at least the same if not lower than direct including drive-away prices, which include levies, taxes, and GST.

By booking with us, you will have the widest choice of campervan, motorhome, and four-wheel drive rental vehicles available in Sydney to help you explore the countryside in the right vehicle for you on the right budget.

You can choose from among 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 berth campers to enjoy an outback adventure. We guarantee complete safety and security to you as long as you are with us. We offer a free no obligation quote, making booking a motorhome rental in Sydney simple and convenient.