C-MEDIUM MAX (25'1'') De Meridian RV

Veículo adequado para 4 adultos e 1 child
Boa, 75% |50+ Comentários

Minimum 7 rental nights required. Includes: Limited Risk `CDR` Plan

The floor plan described here is the most common for this category, but variations exist and our fleet is always being udpated, therefore vehicle specifications supplied are approximate and subject to change without notice. Meridian RV cannot guarantee any one floor plan over another.

Maximum capacity for unit:4 adults & 1 child*

Meridian RV must be advised if children are traveling along in one of our motorhomes and what their ages are. Units come equipped with 1 tether, 2–4 lap belts (dinette) and 2 three-point harness seat belts (driving cab). Motorhomes can only accommodate one child seat at the dinette - either a Rear-facing car seat (for infants under 12 months) installed with a lap belt, or a Forward-facing car seat installed with a lap belt & tether.
A Booster seat can only be installed with a three-point harness seat belt in driving cab area (passenger’s seat). It is not recommended for children under the age of 12 years to travel in the front seat of the motorhome. Meridian RV staff are not legally permitted to assist with the installation of car seats.

*The maximum capacity indicated above is the maximum number of people we will permit to rent this unit. This number is based on the number of seatbelts and sleeping capacity, but it's not necessarily the ideal number we recommend travel together in the unit. It's up to the renter to decide if the unit at this maximum capacity would be appropriate for their trip.

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Idade do veículo 2023
Marca / Modelos Ford E350 ou similar
Tamanho do Motor 7.3L V8
Transmissão Auto
Tipo de Combustível Petrol
Consumo de Combustível 26 litros / 100KM
Quilometragem ilimitado
Transferência Gratuita
Roupa de Cama
Cozinha / Talheres
Assistência 24 Horas
Taxa para devolução em local diferente da retirada
Informações Turísticas / Mapas
Água Quente Gás
Ar Condicionado - Cabine do Motorista
Ar Condicionado – Cabine Principal
Aquecimento - Cabine de Condução
Aquecimento – Cabine Principal
Fogão Gás x 3
Refrigerador/ Geladeira Freezer (170 L)
Capacidade de Pernoite 4 Adultos
Cintos de Segurança 2 na cabine do motorista2 na traseira
Assentos para Criança e Bebê ASSENTOS PARA CRIANÇA VIRADOS PARA A FRENTE: 1 possível
Idade Mínima do Motorista 25
CNH Especial Necessária não
Acima da cabine - 1.3m x 2.4m ((4′3″) x (7′10″))
Área para refeições - 1.1m x 1.9m ((3′7″) x (6′3″))
Dupla permanente - 1.5m x 1.9m ((4′11″) x (6′3″))
Piloto Automático
Freio ABS / Power
Acesso Interno
Bagageiro para bicicleta Taxa extra
Tomadas Bateria Coach e conexão de 110 volts
Adequado para Pessoas com Deficiência
Animais de Estimação Permitidos
Água Doce 180L (48gal)
Água Cinza 170 L (45gal)
Água Negra 155L (41gal)
Combustível 250L (66gal)
Botijão de Gás 18,2 litros
DVD informação solicitada
TV/reprodutor de DVD
Conexão para iPod / USB
Reprodução de MP3/MP4
Comprimento 7.4m (24′3″)
Largura 2.5m (8′2″)
Altura 3.4m (11′2″)
Altura Interna 2.1m (6′11″)

Todas as medidas são aproximadas, não garantidas e as especificações podem ser alteradas sem aviso prévio.

  • Port Coquitlam Localização

  • Endereço:

    1690 Coast Meridian Road, Port Coquitlam , Canadá

  • Pegue as instruções:

    O horário de transferência é entre 9:00am e2:00pm

    Por favor, note que a transferência está sujeita à disponibilidade e o espaço é limitado.

  • PLEASE NOTE:  Meridian RV depot is located at the Mary Hill Bypass and Coast Meridian Road in Port Coquitlam;10 minutes from downtown Maple Ridge and approximately 20 minutes from Vancouver

    * Pick-up appointments are scheduled to begin anywhere between 11:00 and 15:00.
    *Our regular drop-off time is 08:30-10:00.
    *Late drop-offs are subject to a $100 per hour late fee.
    *Absolutely no pick-ups or drop-offs possible after 15:00.

    Customer Check-In Form

    All customers should fill out a Customer Check-In Form and return it to Meridian RV at least 14 days prior to their first rental day. These forms are sent out with confirmations and can also be downloaded from the Terms & Conditions >> Rental Procedures page of the Meridian RV website.

    Driver Age Requirements

    Renters must be between the ages of 25 and 75. Anyone 21-24 years of age can drive, but only if the principal driver/renter is 25 years of age, or older. Anyone listed on the contract as a ‘driver’ must be physically present at pick-up, or they will not be permitted to drive.

    License Requirements

    For all drivers, a national driver’s license from their home country is required (original license, no copies). For translation purposes, customers with a driver’s license in a non-Roman alphabet will be required to obtain an International Driver’s License to present at pick-up along with their national driver’s license. A valid driver’s license for at least one year prior to renting is required for all drivers. Please note that this does not include time spent driving with an N (New) or L (Learner) license.

    Pet Policy

    No pets permitted.

    Transport To/From Meridian RV

    Return transport from Vancouver/YVR to our Port Coquitlam station is available for the number of people stated on the confirmation invoice.

    All customers traveling with wheelchairs or scooters must advise Meridian RV accordingly upon booking.

    When traveling with children, proper child seats are required and must be provided by the renter (forward-facing child seats can be rented through Meridian RV when booked in advance).

    Due to limited storage, a maximum of 1 suitcase (or equivalent, max. 23 kg) and 1 carry-on bag (max. 8 kg), per person, in accordance with the airline regulations for economy passengers, is recommended.

    No transport will be provided for bikes (or bikes in carrying cases), snow boards, large equipment, etc. Child seats are not provided.


    Transport to the Meridian RV station takes place between 09:00 and 14:00.

    *Customers must be prepared to be picked up at their advised time and only from one location per booking.
    *Any customer that misses their transport will have to make their own way to the Meridian RV rental station.
    *The customer must advise Meridian RV well in advance under which name the hotel reservation was made and be ready for pick-up in the lobby of the hotel 10 minutes, give or take, of the advised pick-up time.
    *The assigned pick-up time cannot be altered. Service is not guaranteed if the customer did not contact Meridian RV by 9am on pick-up day latest.


    After drop-off transport is to only one location per booking. Customers should advise Meridian RV on pick-up day latest where they want to be dropped off.

    Parking at Meridian RV

    Customers who want to park their cars overnight at Meridian RV must indicate this at the time of booking and remember to give their car keys, as well as a copy of the car insurance papers to one of Meridian RV`s rental staff on pick-up day so their cars can be moved to the back parking lot. Valet parking at owner`s risk.
    No overnight parking is permitted on the front lot.

Atualmente não há termos e condições para viagens durante este período. Se o aluguel for durante essas datas de viagem, novos termos e condições poderão ser aplicados. Por favor entre em contato conosco antes de reservar.

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